Friday, March 5, 2010

Let us not cry over self created monsters!

As usual, the world is up in arms about how South African President Zuma has added yet another young one to his brood, while others are equally huffing and puffing about ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema's millions allegedly earned through politically manipulating government tender processes. In Zimbabwe, the MDC continues to cry foul over an unfaithful partner in the unity government in the form of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party.

My question is, why cry foul as if anything better was expected? Even the age old adage tells us that " a leopard cannot change its spots." The majority of South Africans voted and welcomed their machine gun totting Zuma to power knowing very well his polygamous background as well as his inclination for extra marital flings, not to mention his strong ability to sire many offspring. When Malema rose to power by threatening his opponents and shooting his mouth off about, "killing for Zuma," etc, surely people knew then the calibre of this man? He was given free reign to enrich himself, so what is the big deal now? The MDC has since time immemorial claimed to be a victim of a dishonest Zanu-PF and they have pending court cases regarding allegedly rigged elections. Did they expect a miraculous change of heart and character from their rivals? They must just dig digger into the trenches and handle this stubborn partner!

How naive the human race can be at times! We get into alliances with the bad boys and put them in high office, knowing very well what kind of people they are. We blindly hope that these baddies will turn over a new leaf just because we have given them a chance. When they live up to their reputations and not our expectations, we must not shed any tears and expected others to discipline the baddies for us. We either live with them as they are or we whip them into line ourselves because we knowingly created or nurtured these monsters!


  1. So those who advised and put pressure on the MDC to get into bed with ZANU-PF have the greater sin?

  2. Depends on which sin you mean. The MDC and their advisers definitely bear the sin of putting faith and trust in people that they themselves have long accused of being insincere and untrustworthy.


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