Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are breast implants for men a constitutional right?

I am sure you have heard by now of the UK “woman” who twelve years ago was a man and has taken the state to court for refusing to pay for his/her breast implant! This is with the aid of government lawyers by the way! As much as I moan and cry about how far behind most, if not all of our African states lag behind in terms of human rights and democracy, I cannot help but cringe in shock at how some people take advantage of their democratic rights to pursue the most ludicrous and ridiculous causes.

Britain’s National Health Services through their West Berkshire Primary Care Trust, must now prepare for a legal battle that could cost them around £100 000 (over R1 million) in their legal bid to defend their stance that this would be a merely cosmetic surgery (costing £2 300). The complainant’s case hinges on how twelve years of hormonal treatment have not yielded the right type of breasts. The surgery therefore is deemed by the complainant to be a medical necessity required to complete the physical and emotional process of the gender metamorphosis, an undeniable human right!

At the risk of angering those who are transgendered, or those who sympathize with them, I must categorically state what a lot of hogwash this is! This she-male has not yet undergone a sex organ change that would define him/her as a woman more than breasts would, but chooses to focus on boobs. Tell me that does not smack of cosmetically driven motives?

Imagine the millions of British tax payers that are funding this legal process, and ultimately will have to foot the bill should “C” win. Is this fair to them? This 58 year old decided only in 1996 that he wanted to become a woman, (they say he was “diagnosed as a transsexual“), meaning that up to the age of 44, he was and lived as a man!

Yet another bone of contention I have is the fact that there are appeals worldwide by people in need of organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, heart and brain surgery, and procedures to remove life threatening tumours, babies suffering from severe cleft palates, the list is endless. For many of these money is the barrier to getting rid of the threat to their future existence. How does C’s conscience allow him/her to abuse the health care system in such a blatant and brazen manner? I truly hope that the citizens of the UK will have their six pence worth of say in this matter that might set a dangerous precedence should “C” win his/her case.

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