Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Horny Swazi king must share responsibility for 12th wife's sex scandal

The lusty and polygamous King of Swaziland, King Mswati III and his government are said to be frantically involved in efforts to bring calm and quiet to the whirlwhind brewing over the sex scandal involving his 12th wife, Nothando Dube (LaDube) and his once trusted friend and confidant, Justice Minister, Ndumiso Mamba. (Read more on the scandal on this link). Sad and embarrassing, as it sounds my question to Mswati is: “Are you really surprised your majesty?”

No amount of justification will ever convince me that a man can keep 14 wives content emotionally, psychologically and sexually. The excuse that it is part of African culture is as outdated as the practice is also outdated in most of the continent. King Mswati is a very wealthy man, so financially his wives are well taken care of. But to expect a 22-year old lass to settle for 12th position in the hierarchy of this matrimonial harem in return for wealth and the limelight from a man old enough to be her father, is to expect too much.

This is not to say that I condone the adulterous behaviour of LaDube and Mamba. It was a wrong thing to do, especially since Mamba is reported to be the main trustee and broker of the king’s business deals. What I am saying is that when Mswati and his henchmen met out their punitive measures on the cheating pair, it should not be forgotten the role that the King himself has played in creating this messy environment that is conducive for lusty serpents such as Mamba(pun intended) to strike and take lustful bites at the king’s delights. It is indeed a vicious circle: Horny king lusts after a teenage beauty queen. Teenage beauty queen is chosen and “persuaded” to marry horny king. Horny king pursues other horny agendas with other concubines. In response, the neglected queen wakes up to the reality of her unhappy marriage which resembles a prison. She then pursues her own horny agenda. Horny king will then have to find a “purer and better” choice to compensate for this now corrupted and failed queen, hence the saga will continue.

I am inclined to think that Mswati is only angry at how this sex scandal has leaked to the sex scandal-obsessed South African press (which he cannot control unlike the highly suppressed Swazi press). He is probably fuming at the public embarrassment that his trusted friend and junior wife have brought to his court. I doubt though that if royal heart heart bleeds over the actual thought that another man has been where no man other himself should have been. I doubt if he feels romantically pained. It is after all not the first time that the king has been faced with an adulterous spouse. It will not be the last time either.


  1. Of all women the black mamba struck the king's wife! Wizards definately prescribed that he beds the queen to empower himself and dis-empower the king in the process. If he gets away with this, it will be Hail King Ndumiso! With friends like Ndumiso Mamba, His Majesty King Mswati III of Swaziland does not need enemies. Throughout history world Rulers have had their fair share of traitors who end up killing them. Talk of harboring vipers! Our King of kings and Lord of lords had Judas Iscariot, Emperor Julius Ceaser had Brutus, King Shaka Zulu had Mbopha and now the young King Mswati III has Ndumiso Mamba!

  2. Interesting comment, Anon. I like the way your references to other traitors who have laid the path for Mamba!

  3. Mthoko do not condone the Black Mamba's act of betrayal. What if another man would do that to your wife?

  4. As you rightly put it, what if it were my wife. Ask me what if it were my tenth or twelfth wife, the answer might vary slightly. Adultery is not to be condoned, but the topic here is not adultery, but polygamy.


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