Friday, August 20, 2010

Apology for Peter Crouch's lusty crouch?

Another sex-scandal, this time involving Tottenham Hotspur and England striker, Peter Crouch, has tongues wagging and his WAG; Abbey Clancy, weeping over his roving eye, roving hands and well, roving crouch (crotch)!

So what is new? He is not the first football player to bring betrayal and heartache to his partner because of foul play off the pitch. Talk about the wild days of Paul Gascoigne right up to the recent era of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole, our football stars have trail blazed a trend of using their fame and fortune to score as many “goals” as they can in the bedroom. Even the fact that Peter Crouch splashed £800 for a night with a 19-year old prostitute, Monica Mint, is nothing new; ask Cristiano Ronaldo. Extend the net to golf and other sporting disciplines and you will have enough cases to air for a decade, episodes of the TV show, Cheaters.

What then is it that has the world so excited about a robotic-dancing footballer, who has been cheating publicly on his lingerie modelling fiancée as if his life depended on it? Well there is nothing much except that most of us have no lives and try to make other people’s lives our business.

Before the month is up, “Crouchy” a.k.a “RoboCrouchino, Love Rat and Lanky Twat,” will have been tried, judged and sentenced by the media and us in the blogosphere. This is not to say that he does not deserve it as punishment for his sleazy conduct, but my prediction is that it will all lead to the same, ridiculous end. Crouch will hold a press conference where he apologises not just to Abbey Clancy, but to his fans as well. What right do we have as fans to demand that these cheating celebrities ask us to forgive them for their stray ways? Shouldn’t Crouch’s apology be reserved only for his fiancée and his creator? The rest of us are only entitled to apologies for poor play or missed goals.

It takes me back to a previous blog post in which I stated that celebrities exist merely because they possess talent in whatever field they are in. Expecting a celebrity whose social circle probably includes junkies and groupies, to play role model is often asking for too much. As it is, many in the public are expressing disgust and dismay at this recent scandal, as if they expected any better from a man whose goes for girls named Monica Mint and who himself bears the X-rated name of Crouch (Crotch)and crouches lustily ready to pounce on anything in a skirt!

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