Thursday, September 2, 2010

60 plus-year olds in minis & skimpy outfits

Every now and again, in the streets of any metropolis, fifty or sixty-something year old men can be spotted wearing skinny jeans and neon coloured t-shirts. They usually accessorise these with tattoos and ear and nose rings. Their female counterparts don tight shorts, mini-skirts and low tops. Our reaction tends to be: "If he or she looks like that, I wonder what his children are wearing!"

Are we justified in making such comments, or should we wear and let wear? Difficult to say. Clothes do create the outer man or woman that we are perceived to be. As much as we harp on about public opinion not being important, the truth is that we do care what people think. In addition to this reality, whether we like it or not, age does play an influential role in wardrobe selection. Various fashion trends are dominated by age-specific followers. Because of this, it will always appear strange to many, when a geriatric from the old age home digs up and dusts off his biker gear.

My conclusive statement is that while everyone is free to wear what they want, each case has to be taken on its own merits and demerits. Do not relegate yourself to the fashion dump just because you are now over half a century old. If at the age of sixty, you are still blessed with a fit and strong appearance, then there is no reason why you shouldn't still flaunt it right into your ripe old age. Just remember though that decency has to be maintained at all times. You do not want people thinking that you are a grandparent by day and an over-the-hill whore or hustler by night.

If your legs or other body parts resemble some shrivelled, fossilised tree bark, you have no right to cause every other person on the walk way to suffer mild heart attacks and sleepless nights. Should you find yourself dressing like the oldies on the photos above, then someone ought to speed dial the fashion police!

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