Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mind your own business, blabbermouth!

Don’t you just “love” those free souls who take the greatest liberties to openly discuss issues that you really would not like to be discussing with them? These indiscreet blabbermouths have no qualms about sharing every sordid, embarrassing or private aspect of their life with virtual strangers. Due to their being seasoned blabbermouths, they erroneously assume that all of us are as loose-tongued as they are.

To all you nosy want-to-know-it-all, got-no-life-of-my-own, pain-in-the-derriere motor mouths, please remember that the mere fact that we share work space, worship space, neighbourhood space or mutual acquaintances, does not mean that we automatically morph into bosom buddies. It is really none of your bees wax how much my salary is or how much my life savings are. Unless I volunteer the information to you, it is not for you to know why I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning or why the boss wanted to see me in his office yesterday. So much for thinking that I am a rich and available vein of information, I will not repeat what our mutual friend shared with me in the strictest of confidence. I cannot and will not fuel your rumour mill so please spare me the “latest” that you want to tell me in the hope that you can use it as a gossip bargaining tool!

In case you have not heard it before; curiosity killed the cat, so the more you poke your long sniffer pipe into mine and other people’s business, the more chances you stand of becoming that dead cat. Believe you me; the only cats with nine lives are the ones in the story books. How about taking up knitting as a hobby, or joining a poker or scrabble club? Anything to make you mind your own damn business!

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