Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why pose in such an unnatural contortion?

If you had the gift (if it is a gift) to be able to contort your body into all kinds of weird and "wonderful" positions, would you think this a good pose? This pose certainly gives a whole fresh, new meaning to bending over backwards. Actually, I would hasten to say this what we call bending over backwards and bending under forwards, all at the same time!

Besides the career prospects as an acrobat, what could be some of the other advantages of being able to twist, bend and turn in this manner? One advantage comes immediately to mind-you could be able to finally freak out those people that have always derived pleasure in freaking you out. It would be a good way to throw your fitness and flexibility levels at their shocked faces!

Having a go at my haters or striving to be the next Harry Houdini do not seem to be good enough reasons for someone to put themselves through this. Whenever I see this picture, I feel like saying "Ouch!" For that reason, I am not about to join join yoga or acrobatics classes anytime soon unless someone cares to give me further motivation as to why anyone would want to pose in such an unnatural body contortion!


  1. As a yogi, I must say, being able to control your body-- that is to say have your body work FOR you in benefit for yourself, rather than work for you body, is an amazing quality. All of the yoga asanas are natural positions which come naturally to babies and to adults alike. They are positions that people crave because they create a benefit for the body. Do some more research on the yoga, maybe you will learn more than being able to "freak people out."

  2. Anonymous thank you for your enlightening contribution. In no way do I doubt your the benefits of Yoga. For the lay man though, the word "natural position" will mostly not be synonymous with a pose such as this. The mere fact that it is not everyday that you walk in the street and see such positions, will always render it an unnatural position to most people, despite the truth which you have just pointed out!


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