Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why do men wear earrings?

To the many men out there who have "bling" on their ears, I come in peace. Be not defensive, draw your claws in and cover your fangs. I come not to criticise or mock or judge, but only to understand what the motive behind your fashion is. Way back in the yesteryear, earrings were considered very gender specific items of jewellery, exclusively female accessories. With time, men began to experiment with piercing their ears and wearing earrings. Society was quick to label them as homosexuals or gangsters.

Fast forward to the present times and we see men of different persuasions, proudly wearing earrings. The size of these men’s bling has also increased considerably, what with the huge diamond studs that we see on every second male celebrity that flashes on the screen. Despite reading this piece which seeks to answer my questions, I am still left confused and as clueless as I have been ever since I first took notice of this fashion trend. This is probably due to the fact that so many possible reasons are given that it becomes tough to pinpoint what could be the main reason.

What I really need right now is for a few earring-adorning men (or enlightened women) to please comment via the comments link. Please put out of my misery of being clueless!


  1. Ah Ha! You have enabled your comments!! Good!

    Here are my thoughts about it all:
    It has to do with the Lemmings theory. These adorable rodent creatures have been unfairly thought of as being mass suiciders, jumping to their deaths en masse just because the others of them do it. They hang in huge packs and reproduce like rabbits according to Wikipedia.
    But the theory has stuck to them and in metaphor we call humans Lemmings when they copy others in a mindless fashion.
    So the rise of the earring wearing men in Hollywood. They have just followed those previous to them in just the way that you have stated, first homosexuals, then gangsters. Watching those Hollywood gangsters blinging so bright was probably too much for many men to take, being that the gangsters had women hanging from both arms most of the time. Regular men wanted in on this action! Thus, every second celebrity wearing huge rocks on their ears!
    I must admit that it's quite sexy! ;-)

  2. Interesting Anna, I guess the rest of us who do not wear this bling will forever be relegated to the doldrums of unsexy!

  3. I just remembered that I have an earring. It's a small silver one I've had in for years now I'm trying to decided if I wanna keep it or get rid of it. This didn't help, but was really fun to read :)


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