Monday, December 20, 2010

Adventures of Johnny John and a bribe hungry Johannesburg traffic cop (Part II)

Good readers, those of you who read yesterday's Part I of The adventures of Johnny John and a bribe hungry Johannesburg traffic cop are probably keen to know what became of Johnny John, the unfortunate motorist who was busted in chaotic Jozi traffic by a Johannesburg Metro Police officer for driving on a lane reserved for buses.

We read about how the officer confiscated Johnny John's licence and demanded a bribe if he was to spare Johnny from a hefty fine and / or arrest. We read of how Johnny John gave in to the demand, pretended to fetch the money from his car (yet he had it in his pocket), paid the bribe and got his licence back. Soon after bribing the officer, Johnny John asked for a refund of his money. Many of you are wondering if Johnny John had a can of spinach tucked away somewhere which he gulped away so as to get a new burst of courage or if his conscience settled for a fine and / or arrest. What is going on in Johnny John's mind and how will the officer react to this unexpected twist of events? I shall not keep you in suspense any longer. Remember to share the link to to this story with other motorists on your social networks.

"What was that young man, what did you just say to me?" bellowed the traffic officer. Johnny John could have sworn at that very moment that the cop's face was turning purple and little bubbles of foam were oozing out of the mouth. With a straight face and calm voice Johnny John repeated, "Please may I have the money that I have just bribed you with, I am somewhat in a rush and I need to go." Johnny John checked his cellphone, as if to confirm the time. Just then an sms tone pierced the electric atmosphere and Johnny John's attention was diverted back to the cellphone. When he looked up, the officer was making his way out of the vehicle, ticket book in one hand and handcuffs in the other. " Ever spend Christmas in a jail cell? Not only am I going to make sure that you spend the rest of the festive season locked up, I am going to make sure that a large portion of your bonus goes into the city's coffers. You should have just given me what I asked for, that was a small price to pay in contrast to what you are about to pay, you little swine!"

Johnny John thought of reminding him that according to Pigspotter and his 30thousand Twitter followers, traffic cops were the swine. He however decided against triggering a possibly violent physical attack. He asked if the officer wouldn't love to read the sms that he had just receieved. Puzzled, the officer glanced at Johnny John's cellphone and saw a delivery report. "That sir is the delivery report of an MMS that I have just sent to a friend of mine. You see when I said I was going to collect money from my car, I was actually going to send this MMS. It is a voice recording of you demanding a bribe from me. The time that you saw me fiddling with my phone, it was not really because I was nervous, I was ensuring that I record every single bit of your evil deed. If you really have to charge me for using the bus lane, go ahead and issue me with a traffic fine, do not fund raise for your Christmas party at my expense. Oh by the way, I know you just want to grab my cellphone and smash it the ground, that is why I have sent an MMS to my friend who is currently next to his computer, waiting to post it on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook, as well as email it to the Independent Complaints Directorate and your superiors. I am going to make a celebrity out of you yet, officer dearest."

The rest is history. Needless to say, Johnny John got his refund and declined an offer of an additional "refund." The traffic officer traced Johnny John through his car registration number and since then has been making regular calls to Johnny John to ask if he needs help with renewing his driver's licence, car registration or anything else traffic related. He says he really would like to help Jonny John because he knows how long the queues at the traffic department offices can become. Johnny John has said several times that he does not need anything from him, that his justice has been served, all is forgotten and the officer should relax. It seems though that he is likely to be on the apologetic officer's speed dial list for a long time to come!


  1. Shame on Johnny John for driving in the bus lane, unless of course it was a ploy to get the traffic cop to pull him over. Cheers to Johnny for turning the tables on a corrupt traffic official. That officials are allowed to get away with demanding bribes from the public is an outrage. Go Johnny!

  2. Johnny John is the man- the problem with most of us is that we do not know our rights hence it becomes difficult for us to defend ourselves. please Mthoko if you can get us a summary of ticketable offenses and jailable traffic offenses it will be a pleasure coz we always being told we will be put behind bars for small things such as a cracked window screen

  3. @Ranter I think it was safer and more sensible for him to use the free bus lane than to try and weave his way past a maze of traffic where chaos was the order of the day!
    @Nqobile will sure do some research, maybe my neighbour who is a traffic officer may help, if she doesn't stumble across this blog!


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