Thursday, March 1, 2012

What you might not have known about the Malema effect

Julius Malema expelled from the ANC

The last nails of the casket of Julius Malema's political career seem to have been hammered and all that is left is for the ANC to bury its wayward son. His foes are probably celebrating and breathing sighs of relief, while his diehard fans strategise on what to do next. Friend or foe, have you stopped to consider the not so obvious ways in which the era of "Malemarism" changed the world?

First of all, news bulletins and newspaper headlines became something of a national interest. It is without doubt that his feather ruffling comments, uncouth outbursts and verbal assaults on journalists lured many to take a more active interest in following the news. Stop and consider how many school children might have benefited from improved literacy levels, thanks to always reading articles, tweets and status updates about Juju. While his personal endeavours in the matric examination room were not exactly successful, it is very possible that Juju has single handedly assisted many students to read and therefore has helped to boost their literacy.

Needless to say, our "Dear Comrade" managed during his tenure as South Africa's chief entertainer, to create a boom in the media and entertainment industries. Where would comedians like Trevor Noah and Loyiso Gola be without the rich comical fodder for their shows? Would the likes of Third Degree presenter Deborah Patter have enjoyed high ratings, were it not for their interviews with the likes of Malema? Think as well of the job opportunities created for journalists, photographers and news readers. Imagine the high sales of newspapers giving the latest scoop on this "champion of the poor," and you will realise how the news and entertainment world might be about to hit a slump! Even party and event organisers are likely to weep at the loss of their main crowd puller at their functions.

Speaking about industries and job creation, the legal and law enforcement industries could also be adversely affected. With the departure of Julius, a time will come in the future when the Hawks will be hard pressed to find other dubious tender deals and family trusts to investigate. His security entourage will soon have to hang up their dark suits and dark glasses, or else look for employment elsewhere. The lawyers of pressure group Afri-Forum are probably biting their nails, wondering if they have lost the lucrative clientage of Afri-Forum and other civic groups engaged in legal battles against the axed ANCYL leader for his hate speech.

On the economic and political front, what is to become of Floyd Shivambu, Sindiso Magaqa and the rest crew that rode on the Malema band wagon? Through dubious dealings with Malema, some of these so called “youth” have been able to secure lucrative government tenders and live the high life under the pretentious title of “entrepreneurs.” Some thought they were climbing the political ladder as they piggy backed on Juju. Is it back to the drawing board or on to the rubbish heap for these ambitious men who have just had candy snatched from their mouths? Who knows, they might just be forced to do the ghastly; an honest day’s work and display basic manners!

As you either bemoan or celebrate the the ANC’s axing of Malema, you must admit that many moons from now, the world will look back and say: "Hate or love him, Juju was a character and a half whose name shall be etched in the history books!"

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