Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goodnight and sleep tight officers!

Do you not just love these pics of our beloved SAPS officers catching up on their beauty sleep? If you do not, please soften that hardened heart of yours and try to appreciate the fact that even our darlings in blue are entitled to the occasional snooze now and again. The fact that sleep presents itself to them during working hours is besides the point!

The more I view these photos, the more I get a warm, tingling feeling in my inner self and so should you. In this world of let downs, it is refreshing to  know that while I am fast asleep at night, there are brave men and women out there risking their lives to fight crime, protect me and extend the long arm of the law to where it is most needed. What makes this even more special is that this amazing service is all done in their dreams! 

Forgive me if I stain this blog post with a tear or two, but this is all so touching and heart warming.  Maybe someone high up in the government needs to talk to the Police Commissioner and the Minister of Police about furnishing all police stations in South Africa with beds for our crime busters to rest their well fed but aching bodies. I am not suggesting expensive, queen sized beds; just simple, inexpensive but comfy single beds will do. 

Hopefully if beds are introduced, our aunty above will no longer be at risk of falling over her chair or straining her well built neck. To show our appreciation for the great work that SAPS officers such as these do for us, we need to give something back to them as a community. I know many of you are already generous in your bribes which I am sure go a long way in maintaining their upkeep.  Money however is not everything. How about forming singing groups in your neighbourhood to sing lullabies for the officers on duty in the wee hours of the morning at your nearest police station? That way we can play our part in supporting the "Great crime fighting dream!" To my dear SAPS officers, I can only say sleep tight my dear friends, do not let the bugs or the Independent Police Investigative Directorate bite!

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