Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The danger of liking "Likes" to the extreme

So you have received over two hundred comments and countless likes for your latest posting on Facebook? Surely that means you have finally arrived in the world of celebdom, right? Wrong! In case you were not aware of it, there is a still a long way to go before you can begin to even sniff that ever elusive celebrity status.

It is always sad to observe people attempting to derive their sense of self-worth and self-esteem from social networks. Clicking the “Like” button on your post might mean that I like or relate to your post, but it does not necessarily mean that I like you and will be asking for your autograph when I meet you next. At times, I might like, share or retweet your post because others are doing so and I feel compelled to follow suit.  The possible reasons are so many that it really does not make sense for one to allow an over-inflated ego to carry him or her into the undesirable realms of vanity.

Remember that social media is another world and that world is poles apart from the earth that we dwell in.  What you see on your screen is not always what you get in the real world. Not all your online “friends” or “followers” are real friends; you do not even know some of them personally, for crying out loud! What we all need to do as we surf the web and get connected with each other on the various networks, is to always have a sound thinking head on our shoulders and firm feet on the ground. 

Put in simple terms, let us value real life interactions more than we value cyber encounters. If that is not done, we are in serious danger of losing true loved ones as we endeavour to accrue empty virtual relationships.  

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