Monday, August 31, 2009

"White South African refugee in Canada. " Wake up call or hogwash?

The case of Brandon Huntley has tongues wagging. Recently granted refugee status in Canada on the strength of proving racial persecution back home and government's inability or unwillingness to protect him, the 31 year old has reportedly irked in particular, Home Affairs spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa. Mamoepa is said to be, "disgusted," by the "baseless allegations against our people and our country."

Granted, worldwide many "refugees" fraudulently settle in host nations under the guise of a false threat to safety back at home.

Whether Huntley's case is genuine or not, the question is could the tribunal have just ruled in Huntley's favour without any other insight of the social goings on in South Africa?

Those South African officials up in arms need to honestly say if they have eradicated all forms of persecution and disharmony in the country. Are there no innocent white South Africans being robbed, shot and harassed merely for their being whites who "owe" the black man? On the flip side are there no black South Africans being beaten to pulp for entering "whites only" pubs or facing racist attacks in the conservative farming towns? Are some churches still not holding racially divided worship services?

Racial harmony (or what appeared to have been), fizzled out with the '95 Rugby World Cup euphoria. One gets the impression that those that have succeeded Mandela have not nurtured the unity call of "Tata." Coupled with disillusionment and lack of decisive government action, many Huntelys exist with real life experiences to tell. Before denialists such as Mamoepa cry foul and arrogantly demand that the Canadians consult them before ruling in favour of Huntley, they should go out onto the ground and hear it from "the horses' mouths." What an enlightenment it will be.


  1. The comments of the chairman of the Canadian refugee board were almost unbelievably ignorant and racist.

  2. Yes a lot of ignorance on the part of some, but I still feel that this does not take away the fact that persecution and racial intolerance exist in South Africa on across the racial spectrum.

  3. Oh yes inseed -- the violence against foreigners in the first half of last year shows that, but most of those who were attacked were not the same colour as Brandon Huntley. And perhaps those who attacked him weren't South Africans, but some of those same foreigners.

    It's a lot more complex that the chairman of the Canadian refugee board seemed to make out.

  4. Well I have yet to hear of foreigners in South Africa attacking South Arficans on racial or ethnic grounds. Most of us are avoiding such attacks and too busy focused on survival to bite the hand that feeds us.

  5. Well said!

    Is Black on White Crime in South Africa racially motivated?

    Know any journalist who is willing to put their money where their mouth is, on their opinion? A blogger journalist is willing to put a Krugerrand (R10,000) on her opinion that black on white murder, rape and assault is racially motivated….

    Any journalist willing to put thier money where their mouth is, and take the bet?


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