Monday, September 14, 2009

And so SADC met

So the much awaited SADC summit proved to be much a do about nothing.

I for one did not expect anything more than the usual back patting and empty rhetoric of some of Africa's so called champions of Uhuru. At the most I predicted the official takeover by young Joe Kabila at the helm of SADC to be the highlight of the party.

Unfortunately some most naive people such as my Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, expected a wave of the magical wand by South Africa's JZ to bring about a post Mbeki policy shift. That done, they hoped that same magical wand would be used to rap naughty Bob on the knuckles. These actions would then result in compliance by Zanu PF to the outstanding issues of the woe begotten Global Political Agreement between Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara.

Alas, that was not to be, much to the disappointment of the hopefuls. SADC reminds one of other historically toothless bulldogs, such as its sister SADCC, the OAU,the AU, the Non Aligned Movement and even the League of Nations.

Let us not hold our breath awaiting SADC to betray the blood signed code of brotherhood and heed to the calls for sterner action coming from the 'Western blighters."

Even Ian Khama seems to have toned down, he after all has much to be sorry for, what with a British mother and all.


  1. I am reminded of the old joke:

    How are politicians like a bunch of bananas?

    They're all yellow, they hang together, and there's not a straight one among them.

    The trouble with political jokes is that they end up being elected.

  2. Many had big expectations and it seems SADC will never change, they will protect the comrade from the trenches. What is good though is that their noises to lift sanctions was rejected I am sure they are embarassed, that was indeed a short victory for RG in Kinshasa the big boys have spoken.

  3. SADC in this era is as good as the congress alliance soon after Napoleon 1. Its there to maintain the old order (liberation or nationalist parties). Expect not any good from the old boys club.


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