Monday, September 7, 2009

Ask Stalin, you cannot give History a facelift!

So Josef Stalin's grandson Yevgeny Dzhugashvili is suing a Russian newspaper for writing that Stalin was behind the deaths of many Soviet citizens during his reign. It is reported that over £200 000 is being claimed by the descendant for the damage done to "gramps" who cannot defend himself from the grave!

All this is against a backdrop of Prime Minister Putin and other KGB/ Communist romantics tryng to paint a picture of a great Stalin who modernised Russia, saved Europe from the Nazis and had no choice but to take tough measures
to deal with tough times.

Try as they may, it is all futile. When will we learn that history has a life of its own? No matter how much we manipulate the past, it will always judge us for who and what we were.

Surely Stalin junior should know that the millions of "state opponents" purged in the "Great Terror" of the late '30s will always be remembered? The millions deliberately starved to death by Stalin's agricultural policies and millions more banished to freeze to death in Siberian labour camps will NEVER be forgotten by history. The ice pick ordered to fatally crack Trotsky's skull left an equally deep cut in the history books.

Whatever industrial development Stalin's five year plans brought to Russia, they were heavily blood stained and stank of genocide.

Whether this is merely a money spinning venture or act of family allegiance, Yevgeny's interpretation of history is shockingly biased, arrogant and disrespectful towards the families of the multitudes murdered by the Stalinist regime.

Similar arrogance has been noted in Africa as the AU, SADC and other war buddy clubs heap praise on leaders whose liberation struggle credentials have long been erased and superceded by acts of genocide, looting and repression. History will have the final say no matter how many botched £200 000 facelifts we attempt.


  1. Some of the South African observers at the Zimbabwe elections in 2000 were told to say that the elections were free and fair, even though they knew quite well that they weren't.

  2. Thats the least of a shocking list of cover ups


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