Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chins finally down for Chuene and Co. ?

In one of my earlier posts (see September posts) about Leonard Chuene and the Athletics South Africa / Caster Semenya saga, I spelled gloom and doom to those who were keen to see Leornard Chuene being sent off the starting blocks for good. For some time now the man has enjoyed immense support from his peers and some politicians (mainly the infamous Julius).

I can be forgiven for having thought that it was merely a dream that Chuene and crew would step down or be sacked from their positions. Things seem to be taking an unexpected twist, what with the Athletics body finally apologizing "unconditionally" to young Caster for all the pain and humiliation that they have put her through and Chuene and his cronies being suspended by the South African Sports Federation.

Sanity prevails at last thanks to pressure and denunciation by the media and the likes of the Sports Confederation, enlightened politicians, international Athletics greats like Carl Lewis, local great Geraldine Pillay and of course Nedbank with their killer punch withdrawal of their multi million rand sponsorship.

Let us not celebrate too soon though, it is after all a forced apology and Caster's dignity and pride will never be fully restored. We all know how often than not, these big shot's suspensions tend to be temporary smoke screens and they usually bounce back or are merely transferred to another equally plush office. It is however a reason to have hope that maybe, just maybe, the bad guys do not always get away with it!

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