Monday, March 15, 2010

Julius Malema - The Last King of the Amazon

So the infamous Julius Malema has been found guilty of hate speech by the equality court for comments he made about Jacob Zuma’s rape accuser. He said that she enjoyed the act, hence the court has told him to unconditionally apologize and pay a fine of R50 000. Will this be a deterrent for the foul tongued motor mouth? I hardly think so, R50 000 is small change for this young and wealthy "revolutionary." Recent revelations exposed that he has allegedly earned millions through tenders awarded dubiously to companies linked to him.

Last week's racist utturances at a University in Johannesburg show that Malema is not the least worried by legal implictions of his continuos hate speech. His song that urged his student audience to "Dubul'ibhunu" (Shoot the Boer) have sparked another legal response from a civic body. The ANC although admitting that Malema must be treated of his verbal spasms, stills feels that there is nothing wrong with singing a song that is part and parcel of the glorious history of the ANC struggle. The party argues that even white ANC members such as Joe Slovo, sang the song in the days of the struggle.

My question is this: Is Malema’s megalomaniac struggle the same as the struggle of decades ago, before he was born when his forebears were being chased off their land and facing the most horrible of abuses? While it is true that back in the day, most of "Ambhunu" were seen as the guardians and proponents of a sick, oppressive regime, is it fair in this day and age to still label them as such? Granted, there are still many white racists out there who will never accept blacks as human beings, let alone equals, but there are also Black, Asian and Coloured racists in our midst. Surely Malema as a national figure should be singing about "Shooting any racist," or is he scared that this will be tantamount to shooting his own brains off?

One shudders to think of the course of national destruction and division that this young man is headed for. Sadly the powers that be see no evil and besides the occasional half hearted frown, they say and do nothing. If he is not roped in, many will fall helpless victim to his venomous speech and ideologies. We have seen such man made tragedies occur before in Africa and beyond and as long as fifty thousand rand slaps of the wrists are all the action that can be taken, South Africa is set to become another statistic in the scroll of tyrannical regimes. Idi Amin one of Africa's most psychopathic leaders said he was the Last King of Scotland, who will JuJu eventually be, the Last King of the Amazon?

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