Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nigerian Massacres- The human race has lost the race!

Once again Mother Africa weeps as 500 of her offspring have been butchered in cold blood in the Nigerian city of Jos over the weekend. The perpetrators of this hideous massacre are reported to be Fulani herdsmen whose “Jihadist” deed was intended to convert Christians in that area to Islam.

How sick and demonic the human mind can become, to drive one to such barbaric and atrocious acts as a way of settling a score! If we ever doubt the presence of the devil and his fight to destroy mankind, this surely is proof enough that he is there and has many “angels” amongst us. I am however not so na├»ve as to believe that this was a purely religious act. Politics and economics are usually also at play when it comes to such bloody conflicts.

It astounds and depresses that people can wipe each other from the face of the earth all in the name of religion and God. We have many examples around the globe of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others,all engaged in what is supposed to be religious conflict. It is when one studies the doctrine of these religions that one realizes that religious motives are far from being true motives. Even within the Islamic movement itself, there are divisions as to what is acceptable in terms of Jihad. The Quran certainly does not condone rape, mutilation and genocide. Put greed,power and money as possible reasons for all this madness and hey presto, you have found the real motivation behind these acts!

As usual the international community and our very toothless bulldog, the African Union will condemn these acts until they are blue in the face. Will anything be done by political leaders,(especially those in Africa), to end such senseless killing and bring the culprits to book? A big fat "NO!" is my answer. A few small boys will be sacrificed to create an illusion of justice but the big fish will live to walk free and tell another tale. The Nigerian people must be remembered in our various prayers. Faith in a supreme being is all the faith that we can rely on, now that the human race has shown itself to be a failed race!

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