Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrity worship - A human luxury or human foolishness?

Have you ever wondered why a human being will waste time and money at a stadium, airport or city hall just to catch a glimpse of a movie star, politician or a world cup that does not resemble a cup and might not even be the real McCoy? Why are we fixated with people or objects that we feel are bigger than life?

A talented actor or sportsperson is just that, talented at what they do. This does not mean that they do not breathe, walk, eat and “poo” the same way that we do! I am not against having heroes and heroines. The right ones can actually be powerful sources of inspiration and an escape from this otherwise harsh world. What I have a problem with are the often than not excessive obsessions that develop over matters of fantasy. So you have that autograph by David Beckam that you gave up the day’s business to secure, so what? The president, hardly visible behind darkened windows waved at the group that you were part of, so what? Are these feats now the peak of your life time achievements or is there still more to life?

Before you remove and throw your underwear at that gorgeous celebrity that you have long been in “love” with, remember that he or she does not know that you exist as an individual. Remember that there might be something else that is more productive and useful for you to channel your yearnings for obsession. Lastly, remember that the more you worship your celebrity, the more money you will spend on clothing, DVDs, posters, concert bookings, and other expenditure related to idolizing this “demi-god.” It is the demi-god, not you, that smiles all the way to the bank at your expense!

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