Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Overcoming those noisy neighbour blues- Part II

Today we look at more options that you have in salvaging your long lost sleep which fell victim to your noisy neighbour and his or her band of merry men. One reader in response to yesterday’s post, suggested joining the party. Yes it is said, “If you can’t beat them join them” but not in such a scenario. You will never fit into your neighbour’s social habits because your drinking skills, dance moves, vociferousness, and tolerance to hard drugs either do not exist or are of no match to these seasoned revellers. Another complication might be that your partner will not take too kindly to you fraternising with party freaks from next door, lest you lose that innocence that you have worked so hard to pretend you have. The third disadvantage of going this route is that your neighbour’s guests will automatically become your future guests as well. Put in another way, your home will no longer be just for you and your sweetheart.

A better option is to invite your neighbour for supper or a drink at your place. While chatting, you must then cook up a tale about how you had visitors last night who came to watch the world cup soccer match between Spain and Honduras. Say how you apologise for their screams of “Feel it, it is here,” and, “Ayoba! ” which you are sure must have awoken him at the very late hour of nine p.m when half the world was in dreamland already. For extra punch, you might have to say how you support the calls for FIFA to ban the vuvuzela because the bloody things are maddeningly noisy!. Hopefully this act of yours will convince your neighbour that normal people do not blow vuvuzelas and they are in bed, asleep, by nine oclock. Make sure that your vuvuzela is not visible for the duration of this visit.

You could also mention that you overheard the caretaker talking to someone about how the chap who lives at the far end of the complex is an undercover cop at the drugs and narcotics squad and is on the verge of arresting drug junkies who frequent the area.. Your neighbour will reassure you that he was also watching the soccer and nine o’clock is not late. Stick to your guns and be even more apologetic for the inconvenience that your “visitors” caused last night. If this does not not bring remorse and the required change of behaviour, then you are left with the options which I will give in tomorrow’s final post on this topic…(to be continued)


  1. Hi Mthoko, I totally get your point here and even wrote my own blog post about noisy neighors from hell. We've all probably experienced crappy neighbors at some point or another so good on you for writing this.
    -The Ranter's Box

  2. Thanks Ranter's Box maybe if we rant loud enough we might just lock this one away!


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