Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video refereeing not raunchy enough for kinky Sepp Blatter!

Why should FIFA godfather Sepp Blatter choose to debate with the world, far from stimulating topics such as the introduction of video technology and goal line technology in soccer, when he could be debating more raunchy topics such as ladies in sexy suspenders, tight shorts and low cut shirts?

Sepp has apologized to Mexico and England over their heart rending world cup experiences borne out of the short comings of the human factor in refereeing. Indeed we witnessed genuine goals being denied and ghost goals being awarded to teams in the world cup. Although Blatter has promised that FIFA will have a rethink on the issue of video and goal line technology, which could see replays being used to correct or confirm tricky decisions and determining electronically if the ball indeed crossed the line, his promises are rather on the lukewarm side. He seems to lean more on promising to improve the human factor and my guess is that soccer will for some time to come, lag behind rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis and other sports that have embraced technology. The argument that video technology will slow down the pace of the game does not hold water because at the moment the referee still has to spend time consulting his assistants when in doubt and electronic feedback on a disputed goal for example, would take less time than is currently spent by players arguing about the goal.

Why then are Sepp Blatter , UEFA president Michael Platini and others, against progressive change? For one; they are from the old school, so I guess they are clinging on to the traditional ways of the game. Methods of play, player fitness, foot wear, match balls and playing surfaces, have greatly evolved, so it is time this fact was considered. If all these areas of soccer have gone hi-tech, it makes no sense that the administrators should still insist on Fred Flintstone type of refereeing methods.

Another not so obvious but highly possible explanation could lie in the sometimes overlooked historical nature of Sepp Blatter. In the early 1970s he is reported to have been the president of an organisation known as the World Society of Friends of Suspenders and their mission was to stop women from replacing suspender belts with pantyhose! Talk about a raunchy cause! Even as head of FIFA, Blatter has in the past shown his kinky side by saying that the outfits of female soccer players should be changed so as to be more pleasing to the eager male eye and therefore attract more male fans for women’s soccer. He advocated that such a change of gear should be in the form of tight shorts and low cut shirts!

So our answer might be right there. All this talk about technology is just not sexy or raunchy enough for an elderly but virile and kinky stud such as Blatter. I am willing to bet a dime or two that deep down, Mr. FIFA must have been drooling at the mini dress clad, thigh exposing Bavaria Babes that took the world cup by storm with their sexy brand of ambush advertising! So you want video replays in soccer? It might be worth a shot to propose it for ladies’ soccer, after having introduced bikini oufits for the players and lady referees in suspenders belts and cleavage revealing tops! It will probably be then, that video and goal line technology will flow thick and fast!
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