Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why do headlines belong to the bad guys/bad news?

What is it about the human race and our love, if not obsession for news that is nasty, gory, scandalous, morbid or criminal? It seems that it is the bad guys and bad happenings that become news, that keep the search engines rolling and which go viral on the social networks. I have concluded that life to most, is one huge horror thriller which we watch with some warped and masochistic kind of fulfilment as we learn of all the bad events and people that make the world go the wrong way around.

If any of you were asked to site examples of news that have attracted a huge regional or international following over the past year or two, you are bound to sing like a canary about the Caster Semenya saga, the Haitian disaster, Michael Jackson’s mysterious death, South African Hip Hop star Jub Jub’s culpable homicide case, the sexcapades of Tiger Woods and the murder of right wing AWB leader, Eugene Terreblanche. Moving closer to more recent times, we are bound to remember the uproar over the controversial arrest of the married gay Malawian men, the story of the arrest in Chile of suspected serial killer Joran van der Sloot and the craze of the moment, the arrest and extradition to the USA of Jamaican drug boss Dudus.

As I was searching through my blog, I came across several pieces that I have written and these seem to bear testimony to my theory(See list below).This writing trail of mine has triggered me to seek some insight and understanding of the human psyche. It was easy for me to write these posts but it would not have been as easy to get my creative juices flowing had I wanted to create something about the discovery of Australopithecus Sediba, which was announced early this year. Many of us probably have forgotten by now who won an Oscar at the Academy Awards which were not so long ago. How many of us know who is the top goal scorer so far in the FIFA world cup and does anyone care if some celebrity is raising funds for AIDS orphans?

Somehow news about good people, great achievements and happy endings seem not to be news worthy or deserving of any prolonged notice on our part. Will there ever be a change and one day news sites crash because the whole world wants to know about the good deeds of some good Samaritan? I hardly think so but I stand to be corrected.

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Chins finally down for Chuene and Co. ?

What could doomed Dudus be thinking right now?


  1. Thanks, glad to have come upon your blog! would love to know the answer to your questions--

  2. Am sure we will though the human mind is at times too complex to follow.


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