Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being a social networking junkie is not a licence for dumping social junk

I would not go as far as rating myself as a social networking junkie, but at the same time I will accept that I do enjoy regular and substantial indulgence in Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk and one or two mobile phone applications. My wife and some friends will probably be emphatic in arguing that I truly am a junkie but am steeped in denial and need professional help to realise that the blood in my veins is driven by status updates, tweets, retweets and buzzes.

My usual defence is that no self respecting blogger can survive without belonging to sound networks in which he or she can meet other bloggers, inform friends and readers of latest postings, gain better search engine rankings, as well as keep up to date with the latest news headlines. This excuse is not exactly a fib but I admit that my online activities do often extend to non blogging activity such as “poking” friends on Facebook. I take comfort in the knowledge that I am yet to be one of those junkies who have long lost their marbles to the extent that they see no wrong in airing dirty personal junk in public for the whole world to see.

As much as you want the whole world to empathise, laugh or rejoice with you, there are certain things that the world does not need to know about you. Let us face it, very few of us limit our friend lists to only genuine friends. Often than not we accept friend invitations or agree to be “followed” by individuals that we do not know, or who we do not have much to say to besides a simple “hello.”

If you did not know, now you do that it is highly idiotic to post or tweet to virtual strangers that you have just wet your pants, fought with your spouse or that you are on the prowl at some seedy bar in search of a one night stand with some strumpet. Also high on the list of junk droppers, are the braggers whose junk is usually along the lines of asking for “advice” about which airline might have business class tickets to some fancy destination because the travel agents seem to have only economy class available. Others will cry about being tired after being locked in a full day’s meeting with the Mayor, a CEO of some huge multi-national, or the President. If you do decide to pay attention to these drama queens and kings, be sure to take what they say with a pinch of salt since their version of events often differs from the real life scenario.

So dear social networkers let us avoid polluting the social space with our over the top outpour of each and every thought, problem, emotion or activity that we have. It becomes fodder for gossip, ridicule and general character assaination. It seems that some of our “open minded” friends ought to realise that there is actually something known as too much information!

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