Sunday, July 18, 2010

Come September, we might finally have to take Malema seriously

So the truth is finally out, Nationalisation is on the ANC agenda, if reports in the South African Sunday Times are anything to go by. Quoting Julius Malema the issue tells us that the ANC Youth League have successfully placed on the agenda of the party's September National General Council, the issue of a government take over of mines as well as land reform along the lines of Zimbabwe.

Shame on those of us who ever doubted Malema's insistence that Nationalisation was part of the ANC's plans. At times his statements contradicted those of his boss, South African president, Jacob Zuma. On more than one occassion, JZ has gone to pains to allay investor fears that nationalisation of mines will take place or that a chaotic Zimbabwe like land reform programme will ever occur in South Africa. Even when Malema jetted off to Venezuela and then Zimbabwe to learn the ropes from his Marxist leaning peers, we convinced ourselves that he was on a solo megalomania driven mission.

Now the cat is out the bag and the fact that this controversial and potentially detructive idea is being toyed with at the highest party level can only confirm that Juju and his Youth League lieutenants are the only ones frank and brave enough to admit to the nationalisation agenda. It could also be a deliberately planned move to use the Youth League to test the waters and kick start the agenda while the rest of the party sits innocent like in the sidelines and claim that it is Youth League policy and not the official stance of the party. Whatever the case is, maybe it is high time that we began to look at Malema from a different angle. The man might actually be the only truthful reflection mouth piece of ANC policy. The September tete-a-tete will be the decider as to whether we finally take Juju seriously or not.


  1. You spelled 'nationalization' incorrectly.

  2. Thanks for your comment but note that both spellings are acceptable depending on whether you are using British or American English. A quick google search should confirm that for you.

  3. Nationalising like a bail out.

    Mine owners usually amortise their value over their expected life, and many mines are already worked out.

    I wish they would renationalise Telkom, Transnet and the roads. I HATE toll roads. We have them because the National Party government stole money from the road fund for the conquest of Anglola. Surely we don't need to do that any more.


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