Monday, July 26, 2010

HA HA! Why Hugo Chavez's USA threat is a joke

One of the last men standing in the Communist fairy land is Hugo Chavez, the president/dictator-in-chief of Venezuela. As much as I can sit up and take notice when an upright man has the guts to stand up and speak his mind against the bullying tactics of George Bush and his cronies, one just has to laugh when some of these ogres posing as patriotic leaders, use anti-Western rhetoric to try and wipe their dirty slates clean.

This sometimes delusionary Marxist son who harbours ambitions of succeeding Fidel Castro as the godfather of Latin American Communism, has been chirping some gibberish about how arch-enemy Colombia is planning a USA-assisted attack on Venezuela and how he will withdraw all oil exports to the USA, should that happen. All this is due to the fact that USA's ally, Colombia through their outgoing president Alvaro Uribe, has produced what it claims is evidence of Venezuela's hand in harbouring the rebellious Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). As we all know, Colombia also has its mountain of problems such as corruption and drugs, so these accusations could be a ploy to shift focus away from Colombia's problems.

The warlike reaction of Chavez however, makes one wonder what he has to hide. Could he also be gearing up the people for a new sense of patriotism fuelled by anti-Colombia/USA sentiments, seeing as crucial parliamentary elections are around the corner?

Back to Chavez's threat of withdrawing oil exports to the USA. In my humble opinion signor, your withdrawal will hardly bring the USA to its knees, but your already struggling nation will certainly suffer, given that your oil exports to the USA account for most of your external revenue. The "Yankee empire," might be your worst enemy but they are also making your economic clock tick. Like it or not, you need them more than they need your oil. A hard fact of reality, politics aside.

I very much doubt that your people will rather "eat stones," as you claim, especially considering that it is unlikely that you will eat these stones with them. My suggestion Hugo, is that you give the people what you promised them when you took over in 1998: Prosperity and an end to poverty and corruption. Stop the oppression and you might just be shining light of South America!

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  1. Just more U.S. style propaganda. No one with any brains really buys it anymore.

    Long Live Chavez!!!


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