Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is Paris Hilton an airhead bimbo
or clever queen of shenanigans?

The scandals never end even in the final stages of the world cup especially when the Netherlands team is playing. Just why the Netherlands seems to have a magnetism for scandalous dramas starring sexy Blondes, is beyond most of us, only they will know the answer. At the Holland-Brazil match at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium yesterday, this "heiress" as she is often referred to (I prefer "Airhead"), was arrested together with her friend, former Playboy playmate Jennifer Rovero, for allegedly smoking a dagga joint during the quarter final encounter.

From what has been reported by the media, Rovero owned up in court today for possession of marijuana and was fined R1000, so charges against Hilton were dropped. Now are we to believe that Paris did not smoke the joint? Was she an innocent victim of circumstance? Were the two "celebs" really unaware that it was illegal to smoke a marijuana cigarette in South Africa? Answer yes and see how loud and hard I laugh! Actually the whole idea of Paris Hilton watching a soccer quarter final seems a huge joke, is it not? Was Paris really at the match to watch Kaka and the other Samba kings show their nifty ball skills? Did she come to witness Wesley Sneijder display his dazzling goal scoring feat which upset the Brazilians and propelled the Netherlands to the semi finals? I think this party freak is at the world cup just for the party and of course for publicity.

Being the drama queen and attention seeker that Ms Hilton is, she obviously could not stand seeing the likes of Alicia Keys and Shakira wallow in the limelight of the tournament while she cracked her head back in the States about how next she could make it to the Guiness book of records. For those who are not aware of it, she made the 2007 edition of the Guiness record book for being the "Most overated celebrity in the world." Having tried sex tapes and high speed drunken driving among other publicity stunts, Ms Hilton probably saw a trip to this South African show case as a chance to also carve out her share of the headlines.

Unlike Keys or Shakira however, Hilton is a Jill of all trades and Mistress of none although she would have us fooled into regarding her as a successful actress, singer and model. She therefore had to enlist the help of a friend to stage a brush with the law which would see her emerge with the sought after attention, but without legal blemish. For someone whose fame and fortune seem to emanate only from her drama queen shenanigans, this has been a quite clever form of ambush advertising. Did I use the word, "Clever?" I might just have to withdraw the usage of the label, "Airhead Bimbo" and the name "Paris Hilton," in the same breath!


  1. Just wait for Tshwane Sheraton to show up at the final with a coke-sniffing friend. That'll give the Sun something to write about.

  2. Just when I think we have heard the last of that bimbo Paris, she manages to find yet another way to get her name back out in the head lines. Can't she just go away once and for all?
    -The Ranter's Box

  3. She is like an incurable virus, we just have to live her!


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