Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Israel's "Rape by deception" sentence stinks of bigotry

To all the hot blooded males who fancy themselves as studs with active libidos, a word of warning: When thinking of some mischievous way of getting into a sexy lady's pants, stay away from claiming that you are who you are not, especially if you happen to be in Israel. The slightest colouring of the truth might end in you earning an eighteen month jail term for "Rape by deception," just as has happened to 30 year old Sabbar Kashur!

In case you have not heard about him, this unfortunate Arab is reported to have met a Jewish lady in the streets of Jerusalem and presented himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking true love. That was enough for the lady to consent to sex with him in a nearby building. Much to her disgust, she discovered later that this man was an Arab, meaning he was an untouchable in her Jewish eyes. That is where the rape by deception factor apparently comes in.

Well I never! Somebody please pinch me, I must be dreaming because this is too incredulous for words. I would understand if this man had lied about his bill of health, or had lied about his marital status to lead her unknowingly into adultery. At which point do the Israeli authorities draw the line between serious illegal deception intended for sexual gain and admittedly dishonest but common and totally legal, "image boosters?" These are used by the ugly frogs of the world to turn themselves into handsome princes. Have any men been arrested in Israel for telling ladies that they earn three times the salary that they actually earn; lying that their friend's Porsche is theirs; or that they only have a handful of past sexual encounters? If there are no records of similar rape convictions, then this is surely bigotry at its worst.

Sabbar Kashur was obviously after a world record for the shortest time taken in soliciting for sex (outside of a prostitution scenario). For that to be achieved he needed to deal with a no frills, no fuss woman of easy virtue and that is what the complainant led him to believe she is. Now that the truth is out and we know that this woman lied about her whorish nature and is actually a morally upright sexual purist, surely Kashur also has the grounds for a counter charge of deception?

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