Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spotted ears-the latest in Vietnam's
male virginity testing

It seems Vietnam is set to be the number one haven for convicted rapists, if recent acquitals based on dubious male virginity testing are anything to go by. When I first came across the story of Pham Thi Hong, the Vietnamese traditional doctor and acupuncturist, I was convinced that this is a belated and misplaced story that somehow failed to make the April Fool's Day news deadline.

Upon further online research, I was astounded to find that MSN and CBS News among others, carry similar articles about Pham Thi Hong and her unorthodox medical practice. It then dawned on me that this a real life-stranger than fiction story because it would be impossible for so many news websites to all miss their April 1 deadlines!

In a nutshell, three men convicted of rape in Vietnam have been set free after this lady insisted that they could not have committed rape because they are virgins. How was their virginity confirmed? Through testing their pulse rate and having the super duper tell tale sign of a male virgin, small red dots on their ears! These dots apparently disappear when a man engages in heterosexual sex! We are not told how the body's mechanism detects the nature of sex, so as to keep the spots on if the sex has been anything else but penetrative and heterosexual.

I wonder how many men worldwide are currently in a state of panic, trying to catch that ever elusive glimpse of the back ear, worried that their virginity status is either "dotted" or "undotted" for all to see. There is probably the young teenage boy scared and ashamed that his parents will find out that he has been up to some premature and forbidden "fruit tasting." There could be a priest or monk out there freaking out due to the possibilty of their dotless ears revealing that they have broken their chastity vows, not to mention the playboy who lied to his sweetheart about her being his very first.

On the other side of the coin, we have the loud mouthed "stud" who has lied to his friends about his many rolls in the hay when the only thing about him that can be termed "stud" is the fake diamond piece of glass jewellery.

If you are one of these males with some rickety skeletons in your closets, fear not. I am certain that your secret is still safe, for now at least. Only Dr. Hong (for motives we can only speculate about), is likely to reach such a diagnosis of your virginity status and actually convince some people. Only a handful of stark raving mad individuals like Vietnamese president Nguyen Minh Triet and his judiciary, will actually believe her and release convicted rapists based on this ear testing!

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