Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Would you vote for the Australian Sex Party?

It is only recently that I became aware that Australia has a political party called The Australian Sex Party, launched at a Sexpo in 2008 and whose slogan is, "We are serious about sex." This Fiona Patte led outfit boasts of branches in Australia's sex shops and their manifesto can be viewed here. Boy, do they have some controversial ones! I would love to know what you make of this lot!

As you will see, they have many of what I would term the conventional or common policies that are synonymous with most opposition parties. These policies propagate freedom, equality and tolerance as well as attempt to nip in the bud, any attempts by the government of the day to limit individuals' personal liberty. This party goes a step further however and states some pretty unorthodox causes that they pledge to fight for. Some of these are: freedom of sexual speech, pro-abortion laws, unbanning of drugs, government subsidies for Viagra and other aphrodisiacs, legalisation of prostitution,removal of church privileges, as well as a lessening of restrictions on pornography. One of their parliamentary candidates in Sidney is a comedian dressed in a "mankini," a bikini for men!

To those with an inclination for hedonism, this is probably a dream come true and they will be crossing their fingers in the hope that that this party comes to power so that they can migrate in "droves" to the land down under! Please take time to read the link to the Sex Party's policy outline and after that, give me your feedback.

What you think of the emergence of parties such as this one? Are they a sign of true democracy or an over the top abuse of democratic systems? Do you think that they have a place in the political arena or the moralists will eventually chew them up? Talk to me!


  1. It seems as though their focus will be too narrow in scope. Politicians waste enough time and tax payer money as it is, shift the primary focus to sex and well, I can only imagine the shambles that will ensue!

  2. Personally I think they're a breath of fresh air.

    Their aim is obviously to gain senate seats to disrupt some of the sillier legislation that the govt wants to pass, of which the Internet filter is the worst example. I'll vote for them in the Senate, no problem.


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