Thursday, August 12, 2010

Explain pea plants growing in human lungs

Jeepers creepers! A pea plant growing inside a man’s lung? Someone please tell me that today is the 1st day of April. It is not? Reluctantly then, I must accept that this is a true story and so must you. Ron Sveden, a pensioner from Massachusetts, USA, must be asking himself the very same thing, how did his lung end up playing surrogate garden to a pea plant? Instead of wallowing in relief that his lung’s collapse was not caused by a cancerous growth on his lung, the poor man has to figure out how he became, a walking, talking and breathing legume garden, then try and explain it to the inquisitive world!

According to press reports, Sveden suspects that he ate a pea that “that went down the wrong way and sprouted.” Never did I imagine that in my lifetime, I would hear of an organic plant growing inside the body of a human being. As the story spreads world wide, I am on the alert for the various explanations that will mushroom with regards this weird phenomenon. Ron Sveden’s wife, Nancy thinks that it is God showing his sense of humour. Some though will conclude that Sveden has been cursed or bewitched and that the pea plant is not really a plant, but an abominable hellish object that was magically planted into Sveden by a sorcerer. The science fanatics might just conclude that Sveden is the unfortunate victim of some freakish cloning experiment by a top secret scientific agency that has been dabbling in the cloning of human and plant cells. Some might even hint at it being the latest in the biological warfare strategies of the United States Army.

At least Ron Sveden has not rushed into making up all kinds of conspiracy theories regarding his condition. He has maintained a sense of humour and is still dishing peas onto his plate. Not many of us would remain that much at ease with the eating of peas, would we? So what other offbeat explanations (botanic or otherwise) can you, my trusted readers come up with? Add them as comments below and let us see what mad, pea brained conclusions we can come up with as we try to make sense of this pea madness!

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  1. I don't imagine how the peas growing in lungs. Anyway, I learn from the news that the pea plant already removed from his lung and he doing well, now...


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