Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For trading in albinos, rot in jail Mr Munei!

Enterprising business people will always have merchandise that they are selling. Men have made fortunes from selling anything from clothing, to food, to cars and even water! The trick is to identify demand within the market and then fill the supply gap. One trader who thought that he could break into the business world with a bang, and make himself a handsome stash, now finds himself on the way to jail. It is with great conviction and gusto that we say, "Rot in jail Mr Nathan Mutei, may they lock you up and throw away the key!"

The first time that I came across the story of the trafficking and murder of albinos, was when watching the South African investigative journalism show, Third Degree. It was shocking to learn of how albinos in some rural parts of Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya are under the constant threat of abduction for the purposes of witchcraft related mutilation. All this because some brainless and superstitious slime, disguised as humans, think that through witchcraft, albino body parts can make them rich and prosperous. In the article linked above, it is equally shocking to read that the 20-year-old Kenyan albino, Robinson Mkwama, an unknowing victim of fellow Kenyan, Nathan Mutei's sales pitch, had a US$250,000 price tag attached to his head. That amount is enough to keep one's piggy bank heavy for some time, hence Mutei went through the effort of deceiving young Mkwama and luring him to illegally cross into Mwanza, Tanzania under the pretext of having an employment offer for Mkwama.

With such amounts involved, it makes the fight against albino trafficking, kidnapping and mutilation, an uphill task. I doubt that it will go away anytime soon. The governments of Kenya, Burundi and other affected states, need all the support that they can get in the fight against this babaric practice. While watching Third Degree, my heart bled to see two young albino sisters, highly traumatised after they survived a hacking by a relative who wanted their body parts. It was sad, though uplifting, to see dedicated teachers in Tanzania, keep the children at school during the school holidays, rather than allow them to go home to the village where they face a huge risk.

They say the United States Congress has aired its concern about the issue, just as the Red Cross is trying to demystify albinism. More however still needs to be done to root out the perpatrators of such evil. The local communities need to take a greater stand an fight for their fellow humans. Let us share on this forum, ways in which the world at large can help in eliminating this savagery, which really taints the image of Africa.

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