Monday, August 16, 2010


"Frogs don't vote." It is a fact of life that frogs do not have the luxury of stepping into the polling booth with ballot paper in hand to elect their leaders of choice. Unfortunately the authorities of Capetown, South Africa's "Mother City" and a host of other public servants throughout the globe are very forgetful and need to be reminded of this seemingly obvious fact.

I really love this metaphor coined by picketing residents of Capetown's Khayelitsha township with the aim of driving home their dismay and discontent at poor service delivery by the government and municipality. If these unlucky people are not drowning in filthy swamps , they are nursing rat bites or hopping on stones in frog-like fashion, to avoid stepping on sludgy paths that are now a permanent health hazard in the area. Thumbs up to community leader, Vuyelwa Govuza and the rest of the Khayelitsha community for reminding the powers that be, that they are not hopping frogs. Should the City of Capetown persistently fail to serve them, the people of Khayelitsha are more than ready to give them the boot through the ballot box.

A valuable lesson to all and sundry, worldwide. Too many fat cats sit in their high and mighty chairs, not giving a hoot about the plight of their electorate. Too many of them think that they are doing everyone a favour in providing the most basic of a service that the people pay rates and taxes for. Corruption and incompetence will always thrive in instances where the masses sit back and allow rot to creep into leadership. Before you know it, the rats emerge, literally and figuratively, so it is best to nip the problem in the bud. I urge you all therefore to remind our dear ministers, MPs, mayors and councillors that they owe their political existence to their voters. Let us remind them whenever amnesia threatens to creep in, that "Frogs don't vote!"


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