Monday, August 16, 2010

HIV positive star sorry for skin-on-skin sexcapades

For having unprotected sex with several men and not disclosing her HIV positive status, German pop star, Nadja Benaissa is sorry. Well Nadja dear, I am sorry but sorry just does not make it alright and really your sorry celebrity backside ought to do some jail time.

One wonders if her remorse is genuine or if it has been conjured up as a ploy to evoke leniency from the court that is administering her trial in Darmstadt, Germany. A looming ten year jail sentence would be most harmful to the member of No Angels band, hence these tears could crocodile tears just as much as they could be genuine. No Angels is a truly apt description for one who has displayed highly irresponsible when she ought to have been a role model for the youth of Germany and the world at large. The gory, sordid details are yet to emerge but speculation should have it that Nadja Benaissa is yet another star whose celebrity status has propelled her to a life of lusty, hedonistic practices. Even though being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence in this modern age of medical advancement, Ms Benaissa should know that you can get away with deliberately exposing another person to a common cold, cough or even tonsillitis, but not an incurable virus.

A hard knock on the knuckles however must not be spared for her skin-on-skin sex-mates. If anything, they also deserve a stint in the cooler in the hope that testosterone levels might ebb and make their libidos tame enough for them to think before having unprotected casual sex. Were these men so star struck, that it did not matter if they were not protected? I have overheard a lot of men exclaim that if they were to have a night of passion with the likes of Shakira, Rihanna, Halle Berry or other bombshells that are flaunted on our screens, it would have to be latex free. Until now, I have taken such talk to be part of the rubbish that we men churn during “guy talk.” Little did I think that there could be men out there who really mean it! My advice to all, is let us think responsibly. Unfortunately we as the human race, have perverted the gift of sex and distorted it from what our Maker had intended for us. With such a state of affairs prevailing, lets for the love of Pete, at least sheathe ourselves if we are not with one, mutually faithful partner.Sheathe yourself even if it is for a night of passion with the Queen of England!

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