Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr Edwards, did you ever spray semen into drinking water?

I have heard of pranksters who get a kick out of throwing water bombs at people or spraying them with water from the hose. I have also witnessed the nastier type that gets high on spitting on people. Maybe that is not really nasty if you consider that Michael Wayne Edwards Jr from Gaithersburg, Md. has been going around spraying ladies with his semen stored in a soap dispensing container!

Only those well versed in psychiatry will be able to give the true reasoning behind this disturbing behaviour. My guess though is that it probably has to do with some weird sexual fetish that Edward has. If you want to learn more about this weirdo’s story, click on the link above.

Below are the questions that I would pose to Michael Wayne Edwards, if I met him in the flesh. I wonder how this criminal justice graduate would answer me. Feel free to suggest the questions that you would ask him, as well as the possible answers he might give in his response.

1) Are you out of your freakin’ mind or is your mind out of freakin’ you?

2) How regularly did you have to refill the soap dispenser with your human tadpoles?

3) What is the longest distance that you have squirted your seamen?

4) What on Earth is your motive? Does it turn you on? Does it give you some false and twisted sense of being intimate with these women?

5) Why are your targets all white women?

6) Did you ever spray your semen into the drinking water supply when you worked as security guard at the Washington Aqueduct drinking water treatment plant on MacArthur Boulevard?

So Mr. Michael Wayne Edwards, if you happen to come across this posting somewhere out there in cyberspace, please respond a.s.a.p because many of us are burning to know, but please do not attempt to cool us down by spraying us! Ensure as well that you do not send any “spam” to my blog site!


  1. Several years ago salad from a leading fast food burger bar in England was analysed and it was found to have "donations" from several different men, presumably from disaffected workers who had a "gut's-full" of their ever demanding customers, which if true, l doubt has any sexual motive but a need to protest at their meaningless employment.

  2. Mr Edwards, are you mentally insane or should we just throw you into the drinking water supply and have it polluted more than it is, what with your semen all in it.

  3. Definitely some screws loose there. The salad story makes one shudder as to what gross things we eat unknowingly. I guess what we do not know will not kill us!


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