Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Would you accept a Facebook invitation from this freak?

Those of you that are my friends on Facebook might have noticed that my status update last night narrated my strange invitation from a freaky sounding character who calls himself Khunta Khinte. His profile bears a horrifically freaky profile picture and information. Going by his friend list, he seems to have some normal looking friends, but then no psycho lives in isolation and not all normal looking people are normal. Likewise, not all weird looking people are psychos, but when it comes to this skeletal punk however, he is a weirdo I don’t want appearing on my friend list!

The last time I checked, the name Kunta Kinte was the imaginary name of a slave character in the book, Roots. Forgive me for being sceptical that this Facebook version is an imposter, far from having Mandika blood in his veins and certainly not sold into slavery in the USA. Forgive me as well if I refuse to brush him aside as an innocent joker with a sense of humour. There is just too much that is creepy about him. A gut feeling tells me this is a hacker, pervert or other maniac of sorts. If you do not believe what I mean, search for him and see for yourself. His favourite book is “Hustler magazine”; favourite movie is listed as “pornography” and for his favourite TV show, he has written “4play.” Khunta’s profile picture shows a shrivelled, human-like monster posing in nothing but briefs and passing easily for Frankenstein’s long lost and malnourished cousin.

Mr Monster has a bit of an attitude by the way. When I sent a message to his inbox asking him to reveal who he is, he refused but admitted that he does not know me and I do not know him. I politely informed him that as a general rule, I do not accept invitations from people using pseudonyms and I invite either people I know personally, or are well known personalities. Upon reading this, he curtly wrote that it was fine with him if I did not accept his invitation and that he would continue inviting other total strangers, just not me.

Well Mr Khinte, you have no idea just how much that last statement made my evening. Enjoy your freakish reign while it lasts. Just remain aware that my finger is poised to click on the decline button should you try to be all buddy-buddy again. I really could care less who else you try to freak out, just as long you stay away from me!


  1. Perhaps Kunta is attempting to express a sense of humor, although one that appears to be bordering on wackadoodle. I'm with you though, I tend NOT to accept invitations from anyone I don't know. - The Empress


  2. The problem with social networking sites is that you get all sorts of people you don't know and who don't know you (and who don't even want to know you) wanting to be your friend. That in itself is weirdness enough, quite apart from any skeletal appearance.

    On the social blogrolling site Blog Catalog I have some 300 people who have let me know that they have "added" me, and asking me to "add" them back, when it is quite obvious that they haven't even read my blog(s), which I take as sufficient indication that they don't want to know me.

    It debases the meaning of "friend".

  3. @Steve, at times we use Social networks for varying reasons, hence conflict when we meet and think we share a common ground, while we actually do not.

    @Ranter, hopefully it is just mischievous humour


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