Monday, September 6, 2010

Hooray: Anti-sagging pants law means less butt cracks

Thumbs up to the mayor of the town of Dublin in Georgia, USA for modifying municipal laws to include sagging pants as part of indecent exposure. With punitive measures ranging from $25 to $200, all the way to 40 hours of community service for repeat offenders, the residents of Dublin can breathe sighs of relief. I would definitely heave a sigh of relief if I knew that my eyes have been spared the torturous and ghastly view of dirty boxer shorts, sun bleached G-strings and dry, stretch marked butt cracks!

Let the so called hip-hop culture fanatics moan themselves into frenzy. Let some cry racism and claim that the move is a direct attack on what they claim is a predominantly black culture. Let the attention-seeking, pavement-strutting “models” bawl buckets of tears about their freedom to wear whatever they wish to wear. Whatever the world might say in opposition to these laws, I still say to Mayor Phil Best: You are the man, you are the best! Here is hoping that this example that has been set by Dublin town, the latest among the pioneers of the anti-sagging pants battle, can spread like the wildest of veld fires to the rest of the world.

Were it not for the fact that most of the young men wearing their pants at half-mast appear to be armed and dangerous hoodlums, I would have taken it upon myself to forcibly hitch all sagging pants that come my way. I would even go to the extent of securing them firmly around the owners’ waists with a strong wire! At times though, you get a sense that these baggy pants are sagging so low that there is a strong possibility that the youngster has soiled his pants. Trying to help in such a situation can obviously turn out to be a messy and smelly exercise. The best way therefore of bringing sanity to this warped dress code, is the Phil Best, legal route!

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  1. So here is the real deal!
    Sagging pants is totally stupid for two very important reasons.

    1. if your pants are naturally falling down you can't run you can't fight if any such emergency comes up you are totally screwed.
    2. "Sagging" originally came from prison. Sagging your pants told the others that you were "AVAILABLE" meaning hey boys I'm looking for a lover. (it is actually true ask anyone who has been in jail many many years ago when it started)

    but who cares if people want to wear their pants that way.
    It just means if they are criminals the police will have a MUCH easier time catching them and fags (no disrespect to them) will have a lot to look at. And people from jail will have a good laugh at people who haven't been to jail but are ready for that kind of love.


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