Monday, September 6, 2010

How do we tackle acute boasting syndrome?

Yesterday we chewed the cud over dishonest, con-debtors who skillfully and deceivingly play the sympathy tune to convince us to part with minimal amounts that eventually accrue over time, but are never paid back. The day before yesterday, we ruminated the untruthful ways of the serial liar. Today, I present to you another social menace, the serial boaster. Please join me as we munch over this one.

What is a serial boaster? This is the over-inflated loud mouth who is so full of hot air that he risks blowing himself into smithereens at any second. Yes, dear reader, I am sure you can relate your own experiences with this breed of person. You might very well be one yourself without realising it. What are some of the symptoms of acute boastfulness?

1. You announce what you think are your greatest achievements to the whole world. By the whole world I mean people who really do not give a pig's hoof what you have achieved. People who are probably total strangers and have more pressing issues to deal with than your showing off. Some of them actually have ten times more reason to boast than you do, but they choose not to.

2. Some aucte boasters think that their history of deprivation needs to be countered by deranged and pompous rant. Yes it is well and good, inspirational even, to share your rags-to-riches story with others, but for Pete's sake, learn to tow the line! Telling the same story of your rise from zero to hero, a thousand times to the same audience really does nothing except spoil your image and reputation.

3. A deficency in self-esteem and self-worth can render one a basket case who constantly seeks the approval of the public to feel like a complete person. One inferiority complexed basket case that I know, makes it a point to tell me regulary how he attracts women who are far more educated and richer than he is. Another likes to whip out his phone in my presence to make loud and unneccessary calls to supposedly high and mighty people; all in the hope that I will be impressed and shower him with bucket loads of respect. Really my friends, as if I do not respect you and hold you in high regard already?!

In my two most recent postings, I shared with you my stance as far as serial liars and petty-cash, debt-defaulters are concerned. I have resolved to deal with them by bluntly telling the liars that they are lying through their crooked teeth and refusing credit lines of any sort to the bad debtors. However, the way to go with the self-centred puffadders remains hazy. Hopefully our powerful blogger-reader combination can map out an effective strategy of how to sort this one out!

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