Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terrible Terry the Islamophobic psychopath

I sincerely hope that the Obama administration gets together a.s.a.p, a high powered delegation of psycho-analysts, psychiatrists and genuine pastors to treat and pray for Terry Jones, the highly psychotic, deranged and demon-possessed senior pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center.

Interesting how a tiny church of fifty congregants in Gainsville, Florida, is causing an international furore with their planned "International Burn a Quran Day" on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Having already sold t-shirts and other products labelled "Islam is of the Devil," the Islamophobic low-lives, now plan to burn the Islamic Holy Book as a protest against what they see as an evil religion. Where do they get off calling themselves Christians with their bigoted and twisted acts? How will their act of religious intolerance make them any better or less evil than the perpetrators of the Twin Towers attack?

If Terry had a set of functional brains between his ears, I would have written on his Facebook page to remind him that out of the billion-plus Muslims in the world, the majority do not subscribe to the extremist and terrorist acts of Al-Qaeda and allied groups. He must learn to separate the religion from some of its misguided followers, who often than not, have a political rather than religious agenda.

Even though as Christians we believe that the Holy Bible is the only true word of God, we need to be aware that other religions such as Judaism and Islam, worship the same God that we do. If the Muslims see the Quran as their true word of God, surely in God’s eyes that is the only light that they have seen and therefore it is a Holy Book? While there are fundamental differences in the above mentioned religions, our writings and teachings do have a lot of common ground. Jones and his bandits seem to be quick on their feet when it comes to quoting the Bible in protest against Gainesville’s gay mayor Craig Lowe, but excruciatingly static when it comes to quoting the Bible’s teachings on love, forgiveness and reverence to God.

Get off your high horse Terrible Terry. Have you ever heard of the Inquisition, the Crusades, Dark Ages, Reformation and Counter-Reformation? These are all terrible times (like you Terry) in which genocides have been committed, all in the name of Christianity. Do bad Christians make Christianity bad? No. Do these past acts by Christians make it acceptable for non-Christians to burn the Bible? No, Terry, they do not, ditto the burning of the Quran.

One shudders to think of the acts of retaliation that could stem from this distasteful deed. Weep not Jones, when you have to go into hiding because one of the fundamentalist leaders has issued a fatwa on your life. Hopefully between the team of shrinks, true pastors and denouncers of the planned evil deed (these include U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan - Gen. David Petraeus, NATO Secretary-General - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, The Vatican, The US National Council of Churches, Hilary Clinton and Angelina Jolie), some sense will prevail and the evil deed will not be carried out. That, however, might be asking for too much; you need brains to have sense!

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