Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Politics a filthy rich game for Zim ministers

Politics is a dirty game it is often said, but for some of Zimbabwe’s government ministers, it certainly is a great way to make a pretty penny. While some of us weep at the plunder and rape of our motherland, some are smiling all the way to the Swiss Banks.

Take a look at this article and also this one, and see if you are not gob-smacked at how one individual can have such obscene wealth having worked only as a "lowly-paid" civil servant. With several farms here and dozens of estates and mines there, Dr Ignatius Chombo like many of his Zanu-PF counterparts certainly has a lot to thank Robert Mugabe for. It is no wonder that while the world calls for change in Zim, the Zanu-PF bigwigs will fight tooth and nail and even kill, just to ensure that their party remains in power so that they can maintain a perpetual grip on the cookie jar.

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