Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas exploits of Bozo Gazla-butt spanker

Bozo Gazla became highly irritable when the man seated next to him in the minibus taxi kept asking him to spell his name. "G-A-Z-L-A. Are you deaf or something?" he stuttered. Are you sure it is not "G-U-Z-Z-L-E-R?" insisted the fellow passenger. Bozo decided it was time to ignore this bozo (not to be confused with his own name). He had better things to do; his wallet was fat-courtesy of his December loot (End of year bonus). As the minibus neared his destination, he took out his flask from the inner pocket of his jacket, winced as the bitter taste of undiluted whisky burned its way down his gut, and then he shouted at the driver to stop by the next street light. The minibus pulled over at the street light-turned taxi stop and Bozo Gazla groggily stepped out. He was grateful that there was a lamp post right by Big Mama's gate which he could use as a landmark to show the driver where he wanted to disembark. He therefore had to stagger a mere ten metres and he was in the noisy, packed tavern.

Although by this time his brain was utterly soaked in alcohol, when it came to identifying his usual crowd, his eyes were as sharp as a hawk's. His cronies beckoned to him and praised him for arriving just on time. Indeed he had arrived with inch perfect timing, the table was littered with only empty beer bottles and very few things irritated Bozo Gazla as much as empty beer bottles. It was a cause for concern and Bozo Gazla wasted no time in instructing Big Mama to replenish the table with a fresh crate of beers. Nothing turned him on more than a frosty, dark bottle filled with ice cold beer; Not even Big Mama's ample behind which he liked to spank whenever Big Mama passed by. It was usually a risky exercise, this spanking of Big Mama's backside because Big Mama always returned the favour by smacking him hard on the face.

As Big Mama brought the crate of beer over to his table, Bozo Gazla thought he saw her smile at him, flashing several of her gold teeth in the process. Dazzled by the golden grin and the golden bottles on her tray, he reckoned he had downed enough swigs of whisky to be able to withstand the pain of a smack on the face. Smack!! Bozo Gazla felt his open palm land on Big Mama's ample butt cheek, then sink into a whole lot of flesh, only to bounce back at great speed. The elasticity of Big Mama's behind was amazing! He waited, eyes half closed for the return smack on his not so elastic facial cheek. Five seconds lapsed and nothing happened; ten seconds, nothing happened; Bozo opened his eyes; lo and behold Big Mama was still all smiles and even gave him a naughty, sexy wink. Bozo Gazla was on cloud nine, here he was as high as Mount Kilimanjaro, in the company of his mates and his favourite brew, Big Mama's ample, elastic butt cheeks at his disposal to spank as he wished, sexy winks from her and December loot fat in his pocket. What could be better than this? He was THE MAN and no one was going to take that away from him.


Those of you who are as curious as I am are probably wondering why Big Mama suddenly reacts to the violation of her ample, elastic butt cheek with a smile and sexy wink as opposed to the usual indignant slap of Bozo Gazla’s face. Has the battle hardened Big Mama finally succumbed to the unorthodox "charm" of Bozo Gazla? Has she always secretly had a thing for Bozo Gazla and cannot hide it anymore? Is Bozo really THE MAN? Let us find out on Part II of this story to be posted tomorrow on Mthoko Says... Please do not forget to share this post within your social network and if you haven't subscribed to or followed this bog yet, now is the time to do so. Rumour has it that our other friend Johnny John yesterday had another run in with the police, this time patrol officers from the South African Police Service. Hopefully I should be able to share that with you on Monday when I have all the details.

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