Friday, January 7, 2011

Surely I am not a Facebook junkie in denial?

Facebook, Facebook and Facebook; there seems to be very little of late that people spend their time on other than Mark Zuckerberg's social networking site - Facebook. I was just thinking out loud this morning of how maybe I need to reduce the amount of time that I spend on this popular social network before I end up an official Facebook junkie. Maybe I am in denial and am already one but from my self observation, I am not quite there yet.

What lines of distinction am I using to separate a Facebook junkie and a person on the verge of becoming one? The junkie spends 90 percent of his or her time (including time set aside for work and other things) poking friends, accepting friends requests, posting status updates, commenting on other people's walls and profiles, joining every group under the Facebook sun and inviting every person under the sun to be their friend.

A social networker on the verge of being a junkie (like me) spends 90 percent of their free time (note the words "free time") doing most of the things mentioned above which the junkie does full time. A few distinctions in activity however exist. I still have some kind of discretion when it comes to accepting and inviting friends. Admittedly though, there are a few friends that I have invited or accepted on the basis of sharing more than ten mutual friends with them. I used to have a hardline stance that whoever I do not know cannot be on my list. I have however arrived at a philosophy (not to be confused with an excuse) that if all my friends know you, then I either know you too or I should be knowing you. I have not joined or liked every group under the sun and I have not reached the stage of liking my own status updates. I can go for more than a day without posting anything on my profile or wall. Although I have more than 600 Facebook friends, I do not in my point of view believe that it is a lot considering other people have three thousand friends or more yet they are not celebrities.

So you see, I am an intensive Facebook user but I am not really a Facebook junkie (also known as a Mark Zuckerberg zombie). All I need to do is make sure that I do not cross the line that I have ever so carefully drawn up for myself. Are you convinced? I hope you are and if you want you can drop me your response via my inbox or you can write it on my wall. You will of course need to add me as a friend and when I accept your invitation, you can write on my Facebook wall!

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  1. Being a privacy nut I restrict my facebook interaction to friends only and use the highest level of security options available. Also, I almost never put anything personal about my life on facebook either. I suppose everyone uses the site the way that works best for them.


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