Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding kisses can be so scary!

One of the main highlights of a marriage service is when the marriage officer tells the groom that he may kiss the bride. It is at this time that even the drunk half-asleep “relative” that you have never met before, opens his eyes wide to witness some good old tongue wrestling.

I stand to be corrected but I found and think many have also found the few seconds prior to the kiss extremely awkward. It is not an easy feat to gather the courage to explore your partner’s oral cavity in full view of the priest, both your parents, and other relatives who include young children. Only when mouths engage, do you relax and get lost in the moment, but the moments before are not always easy.

A friend once told me of how he hesitated to kiss his bride because he was not sure if it was a ploy by his strict and conservative pastor to see how experienced he and his bride were in this kissing business. This in turn would also determine whether or not they had been doing the hanky panky before marriage. It was only later on in the honeymoon suite that he relaxed and realized that no one would be dragging into the vestry to ask him about where his experience in mouth tasting came from!

The wedding kiss will always remain one of the highlights of a wedding service. To all future brides and grooms my advice is that you only marry once (hopefully), enjoy it and relax. After all, you will hardly get another chance to smooch in public unless you are one of those exhibitionists who get high on doing it in public places!

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