Friday, February 25, 2011

What triggered such a facial expression?

Over the last few days I have received emails from online conmen offering me millions of US dollars for assisting them to transfer so-called dormant funds from bank accounts in West Africa to my account. I will be sharing with you in a few days to come, the content of these hoax emails. For now though, the only reference I would like to make to them is the photograph above. When one of the fraudsters asked for a picture of me as part of the business dealings, I searched for this picture and sent it to him.

I must admit that I find this picture “interesting.” Our friend pictured above is certainly equipped with facial features that only a mother could love and appreciate. Add to that his unorthodox expression and hey presto; an ideal photo to send to our online confidence tricksters. What though could be the cause of this facial expression? Some possibilities are?

  • A severe and painful bout of constipation?
  •  An “Oh my gosh!” moment after taking a peek at the mirror?
  •  A burning hot chilli sauce induced diarrhoea?
  •  Auditions for the role of the beast in Beauty and the Beast or a modern day Alfred Hitchcock horror flick?
  • He could have unknowingly sat on a inch long nail!
 More suggestions from you will definitely help in unravelling the mystery of our aesthetically challenged friend!


  1. Hahaha, was that the same expression that was on YOUR face when you read the email? I think maybe that gentleman in the photo just had someone drop a crab in his pants. :)

  2. LOL a crab in his pants? Interesting theory.


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