Monday, May 20, 2013

A great lesson to learn from Vuyo Mbuli

As thousands of SABC viewers in  South Africa as well as the rest of Southern Africa reel in shock over the untimely death of TV and Radio personality Vuyo Mbuli, one clearly detects a deep sense of loss. Unlike many other celebrities who are appreciated at surface value, Vuyo Mbuli made his mark as a news presenter who made a real difference in the lives of his fans.

How did he pull this off? Simply by taking his work seriously and being warm, friendly, likeable and knowledgeable, he managed to win the hearts of a multitude of viewers. The SABC 2 Morning Live News Broadcast is not the only news option available to South African TV viewers every morning but because of the dynamic combination of Mbuli and his co-presenter Leeanne Manas, Morning Live has over the years developed into the most popular morning news bulletin in South Africa and even beyond the borders.

Vuyo impressed with his multi-linguism, his famous "Sharp-sharp" signing off statement, his bright smile and wealth of knowledge. All of this was done with great ease which left one with a strong suspicion that the man was born in front of the cameras. While life will have to still  go on and the Morning Live show will also have to go on, we can take the opportunity to pick up some life tips from Vuyo Mbuli. You do not need to do mammoth things to make a difference in people's lives. Vuyo did what he knew best and he did it well. He put himself in the shoes of the masses and his interviews dealt eloquently  with issues pertaining to the plight of the masses, including the ordinary man in the street. Smiles beamed on people's faces every morning because of the warmth and charm that he exuded with ease.

The biggest lesson to learn from Vuyo is that one does not need to go and spend millions on humanitarian projects or to engage in outrageous publicity stunts to gain respect and appreciation. Being your good, friendly and committed self is more than sufficient to touch people's lives. No one else can be better at being the good you than you! Do that and others will follow in your footsteps and in their own special way, they will also touch the lives of others. Go on and try some of that Vuyo Mbuli magic. It is a legacy that surely must live on!

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