Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Markham Store

Unsolicited Markhams Store Card
Dear Markham Store

When beginning this post, I was tempted to title it: An open letter to the overzealous Markham marketing department. I then thought twice and discarded that heading because of the negative connotations that the term, “Open Letter,” has acquired of late.

In South Africa, a trend has developed within the last year or two, whereby public figures rush to the tabloids to attack their rivals and adversaries through these so-called open letters.  I do not want to go that route and begin a war of words with you on the blogosphere, akin to the recent Ntsiki Mazwai – Fikile Mbalula madness. Such letters are in very bad taste and this letter is certainly not written in bad taste and should not be painted with the same brush as the spate of nasty open letters that are being splashed in the press.

Before I get to the nitty-gritty of this correspondence, may I humbly request that you pass on the contents of this letter to your clothing retail buddies at Truworths Man. If possible, may you please also pass it on to other companies like Direct Axis and Vodacom, who use the same ambush tactics that you use. I will be drafting similar letters to them soon, but it will not hurt for you put them in the picture so that when my letters arrive, a foundation will already have been laid.

Please note, Markham store, that I value your position as a leading player in the retail of men’s clothing in South Africa.  That however does not mean that I am doing cartwheels to celebrate the card that you sent to me in the post. Apparently I can use that card to activate a pre-approved Markhams account. I am flattered that you have done some checking up on me and have concluded that I am credible and worthy of being one of your account holders.   

Do take note as well, that whenever I have bought something from one of your outlets, it has always been for cash. This is not to be taken personally; the truth is that I have never in my life bought clothing on credit and I do not intend to do so anytime soon.  Sending me plastic cards with my name printed on them, is only useful to me in keeping my bank cards snug and firmly fitted in the card compartment of my wallet.

I hope that you understand my unwillingness to fall victim to the avaricious whims that you and hordes of other retailers seem to develop during this festive time of the year. It is sad that when one buys a newspaper during the Christmas season, there are more pages of advertisements to be read than there are of news. I am sure that you have found other people who are more amenable to your marketing gimmicks. 

Be rest assured that you will continue to make a killing without the paltry instalments that you would have fleeced from me, had I taken you up on your offer. I am certainly not awash with funds. That is why in the few instances where I have had to apply for credit, I have declined to have my personal details added to the National Consumer Database. Someone, somewhere obviously ignored my wishes but now might be a good time for my wishes to be respected by you and your other cronies. 

I trust that you will consider the contents of this letter and I look forward to continuing as a cash paying customer in the future.


Far from gullible consumer 

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