Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love match for our Facebook psycho

Further to my post last night about the unidentified Facebook freak (code named Khunta Khinte) who invited me, refused to identify himself, then became outright rude, I must confess that he has done some unexpected good for my blog. I have had an increased flow of web traffic since posting the piece about him. Hopefully Mr Khunta Khinte too has had a lot of referrals from this site and by some stroke of luck, he now has a wider network of fiendish friends that he can relate to. That is the very least that we at Mthoko Says… can do for him.

For the first time, the Mthoko Says… blog finds itself among the top 20 blogs in the News and Politics section of not-so-reliable, one of South Africa’s chief blog aggregators. It is also ranked 160 overall on this same site, out of the thousands of blogs registered with Amatomu.

As much as I wish the skinny man all the best in his social networking endeavours, I stick to my guns. My hand continues to hover over the decline button, ready to send any invitation of his straight into oblivion. Call me nasty, call me ungrateful and call me anti-social but I remain unmoved. Here is one more way though that I express my gratitude to you, Khunta (in case my readers are too terrified to add you as a friend). The ladies pictured above, saw your profile and are keen to “engage” with you, to quote them verbatim. I have taken the liberty of match making you with them and am confident that you will find at least one of them to your liking. You will make a cute couple with either of them and being the pervert that you are, we cannot put it past you to go for both of them. That will be entirely up to you and I really do not want to know the finer details!

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  1. If he marries one of those, at least their offspirng might average out to something more normal in appearance.


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