Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas exploits of Bozo Gazla-butt spanker Part II

Valued reader, please accept my apologies for the late posting of this second and last part of the story of Bozo Gazla, the drunkard / pervert with an obsession for spanking Big Mama’s enormous and bouncy butt. We read in Part I of how Bozo Gazla recently visited Big Mama’s tavern and became the man of the moment among his friends as he kept the table awash with alcohol. Some of us were probably just as surprised as the pervert himself was when after spanking Big Mama’s backside, he received a sexy smile and a wink from Big Mama instead of the usual angry slap on the face.


Thirty minutes after his little “adventure” with Big Mama, Bozo Gazla still could not believe the unexpected cooperation. He was also astounded that Big Mama’s derrière had such elastic bounce, for some strange reason he had never fully appreciated its level of elasticity. As he pondered over the unexpected smile, he wondered if she did not also harbour some secret, kinky perversion and had all this time enjoyed the smacks on her bum despite savagely slapping his face and crying sexual harassment.

By the wee hours of the morning, he had groped and smacked Big Mama from all angles and was convinced that she had finally given in to his crude, caveman advances. As he dipped into his wallet to buy the umpteenth round of drinks, he was dismayed to realise that his wallet was empty. It was also at that point that he noticed that most of his mates that he had been guzzling away with earlier on in the evening, were saying their goodbyes, promising to buy him lots of drinks on New Year’s eve. Well at least their departure would give him some quiet time to talk things over with Big Mama. She was single and she knew very well that he was lonely since his wife walked out on him last year, taking the children with her.

As Big Mama cleared the remaining tables and bade farewell to the few remaining patrons, she asked Bozo Gazla if he would be buying anymore drinks because it was closing time. Bozo Gazla smiled a toothy grin and unsteadily stretched his neck to rest his head on her seemingly inviting bosom. He told her that he had no money left but he was sure that with the obvious chemistry that had developed that night, she would not mind giving him one last drink on the house. He also wanted to know if he was welcome to sleep at her place of if she would rather go with him to his house. His hand was itching to test that elasticity again!

The slap on his face was so unexpected and harder than any he had ever received from Big Mama. She dragged him by the scruff of the neck and threw him out of her tavern. She uttered a string of obscenities and ridiculed him for ever thinking that he; a drunken, broke, sexually deranged pervert who could not look after his own wife and children, could even dream that he had a chance with her. Her bum was a mere marketing tool that she had used to “encourage” him to buy more drinks. He had the pleasure of spanking it and she had the pleasure of making some good sales. Surely he did not think that it was more than business?

As Bozo Gazla walked home in the emerging light of dawn, he wondered how he would survive this last week of December and the following three weeks of January before his next pay day. At least when he still lived with his wife, he was always assured that she would have some cash stashed away for times like these, when he would guzzle away his hefty December salary. He cursed quietly knowing that his wife’s patience and mercy has long reached breaking point and she would not be coming to his rescue this time around. He also cursed his obsession for Big Mama’s butt. His wife after all, was sexier than Big Mama but then what good would that realisation do him now? He began to sing aloud a song about a bozo named Bozo as he trudged on, not quite the man of the moment that he had been some hours before.

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