Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lady Amelia-Latest celebrity scandal in Africa

It seems Africa, South Africa in particular, is fast becoming a breeding ground for immoral and often criminal bahaviour by the who-is-who of American and British celebrity circles. If it is not Shrieni Dewani getting his wife knocked off in Cape Town, it is Paris Hilton puffing away at marijuana at a world cup stadium. You might want to refer to the issue of Wesley Snipes' arrest for possession of a fake South African passport and subsequently turning into a figitive hiding in Namibia from the American taxman. Need more examples? There is Madonna and her controversial and her irregular baby shopping spree in Malawi. Who can forget Naomi Campbell's  "blood diamond flirtations" with dictator Charles Taylor or Mark Thatcher's $500 000 fine for his admitted involvement in a coup plot in Equitorial Guinea. The latest shenanigans on the tabloids involve Lady Amelia's alleged "Burger rage" at a McDonalds in Cape Town.

Although there are always two sides to a story, one wonders how Ricci Cinti, a man on crutches could have ended up in hospital for a brain scan if indeed he was not assaulted as claimed by Lady Amelia after his taxi went in front of her car in the drive-in queue. Her father Earl Spencer has spoken up for her, saying that she acted in self-defence. Why would Lady Amelia and her male companion have sped off after the incident if they were the victims? Were they "running" for their lives? I hardly think so. Had they been fleeing for their lives, eye witnesses would not have taken their vehicle's licence plate number and handed it over for Cinti and the taxi driver to  press charges. I eagerly await the outcome of that case and Lady Amelia's counter assault case.

If people really could turn in their graves, this would be something to make Princess Diana turn in her grave. Who wants to be an aunt to a spoilt brat with drama queen tendencies laced with emotional and psychological instability? I could ask as well, who wants to be a father to such a person but then it seems Earl Spencer condones this behaviour. In fact, I will be so brave as to hold him partly if not greatly repsonsible for the way his daughter has turned out due to his own chaotic and irresponsible playboy lifestyle.

Sadly, Lady Amelia has refused to go to university (they might have taught her a thing or to there), and she will continue being lavished with luxurious apartments and fancy cars by daddy dearest without being equally lavished with firm partenal parenting. This heiress of millions of pounds in inheritance, is likely to carry on with her spoilt brat tendencies and we should expect more notorous headlines ahout this "Lady." The USA and Europe have tough travel and migration criteria and regulations for Africans that want to visit or settle there. It is high time similar measures were put in place by African states for our blue blooded friends and their Hollywood compatriots. While it is good that they appreciate the beauty and appeal of this continent, our Western friends need to know that contrary to the belief by some that Africa is a jungle ruled by the law of the jungle, we do have laws and standards for behaviour. You cannot do what you want and you cannot get away with murder (literally and figuratively) just because you are in Africa!

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